Are You The One

As the light of the dawn passes me by
I keep on scratch this pen on plain paper
These empty spaces that needs to be filled
Heart goes to stars above praise for tomorrow that will come to our senses

Tonight I’m longing for your soft touch
As the night breeze comes to my window
Doors are open wide and I’m scare just to imagine what will become
Terrified by shadows of yesterday
Mortified by grace that will come

Are you the one
Will hold on to my arms until we old
Are you the one
Will stare on to my eyes until the sky falls down
Are you the one
Who walks with me on the shore
Are you the one
Climb the highest mountain with me just to say I adore you

Like a clown in the eyes of princess
An angel smiles at me and its enough
Laugh with me until the sunset
Talks until the moonlight comes


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