Seconds in Rhyme (a letter to mankind)

Emptyness that we found in ourselves, must be filled with profound of our gentle touch to mankind, as we all walk in the dark or in the light, darkness is when we close our eyes but open our hands to reach, light is when we open our eyes and hold on to the one we cherish the most.

Is there such thing as a life after death? We only back to our prime causes, what ever we call God we all back to him eventually. What we know for sure is the world we live in, we strive each day trying to reach what we call happiness on earth, crawling under the sun, stare to the moon, breath the air after the rain, touch fresh grass on the garden that we call love.

Easy to say you might say, because you living on a dream not in reality. I might living on a dream but I fight every and each of my day for my dream becomes a reality. Where is reality you might asked? Is it on what you see? Is it on what you feel? Or is it on what you have? Reality is what you become, reality is where your step takes you, reality is when you see is also what you feel, reality is when you speak somebody spoke back to answer you, reality is when you write somebody wrote back to you, reality is when you touch a flowers, your tears falls.

We all carries a different kind of burden in this world, we all carries our crosses, is it truly a burden? Its a amanah. Mankind is define by how we answer our amanah, is there something we must know about something that we carried? Sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t know, our objective is to answer, process when we strive to find the answer is define what kind of a mankind we are.

This crowded dunya that we live in, always have a place for us to articulate our purposes, there’s always a heart that answers you, so where we have to put our passion, our deeds? Is it when we speak? Is it when we wrote? Is it when we touch? We put our passion and our deeds is on our footstep, there’s no such things as a passion nor a deeds without a walk, a run, a silahturahmi, an ukhuwah. There’s no such thing as a kindness without a touch, a handshake, a stare on each other eyes, a laugh, a story to tell, a purposes to fighting for, a better world to struggle.

When we reach an equality? When we found a social justice? We only get there when “duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi” happens. When we value mankind not by what they have but we value a mankind by what they can give, what a mankind can do, that’s when a social justice happens, bargains is on ideas equals to ideas, muscles equals to muscles. Where we put our differences? We put our differences on the same table analysis of mankind principles.

Do I understand you? Make me, please. Because from what we see from here is only lust of possession and greed of material domination, hard work is only for the poor, faith to believe for the have not, in the same time spares and spaces for the rich, luxurious is for the have. The sun that rise every day, the moon to stare as a friend for the poor, a shining light diamond ring for the rich as a company.

So, am I know the answer of all these matters? No, I don’t. It takes me and you.

“Many are hears my calls but only few that chosen, I need a mankind who listen with their hearts.”

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