Missed you for Eternally

Missed you for eternally, I guess our love are far beyond any doubts, when you falls to your love while I’m not around, just let go and leave me behind.

Remember me as a dust in your hand, easy to remove, wipe away by the wind that blows through your finger, love me only for a moment and that moment is mine to captured.

When I look into your pale eyes, I can see you have been waiting, to lift you up to the places where altitude is nothing but a place of comfort, our highest purposes is just a look in each other eyes when we are old.

Loves you like a morning wind that whisper to the trees, cherish a spark on your smile is something that I can’t let go, I guess we both couldn’t letting go, as I keep on staring to the moon to whisper your name, as you keep in your wish to the stars and captured an image of us in the dark sky.

This pen is about to dry, but my tears won’t let me forget about you, as the sound of the dawn keep me in silence and my path is headed to you. When I try to reach for your hand to hold, I know this feeling that I can’t deny, feels of hope, feels of love and fears of losing you again beneath these touch.

Life is full of miracle some says, but for me a miracle without you is a numb, this never ending journey to search love is taking me back to you, for I keep on missing you along the way, how far I go I keep on missed you, until we meet again my dear, my sincere light of hope, I love you.

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